The Agency at UF

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa sought our team’s help to research and write witty responses for topics that reflect Gen Z interests.

The Problem

The current Gen X and millennial minds behind Amazon Alexa were concerned that their own take on how to answer questions from Gen Z users would sound disingenuous. Hundreds of these questions were niche and mostly had to do with the device’s imaginary personality when faced with users’ pop culture interests. Without insight into this age group’s personality and interests, the client worried that the result would be a negative user experience.

The Solution

In order to ensure a positive user experience for Amazon Alexa’s Gen Z users, we put together a diverse team of researchers, strategists and copywriters. After conducting social listening and broad secondary research on a variety of culturally relevant Gen Z-related topics, our team would present to the client brief research packages. These packages would, in sum, reveal a quick overview of what Gen Z users expected and wanted to hear from Alexa.

The Final Result

Armed with the necessary research about Gen Z and the personal insights that come with being members of it, our copywriters wrote 250 approved responses to currently asked questions. The client is also now able to use our team’s research packages for years to come to analyze insights about Gen Z’s feelings toward topics like music, TV shows and video games. Most importantly, our responses helped to create an enjoyable, on-brand experience for Gen Z users.