The Agency at UF


Skincare product company Bliss sought our team’s Gen Z perspective to create TikTok content and new product campaigns.

The Problem

Movers & Shakers Agency needed help making content recommendations for Bliss’s Instagram and TikTok pages while building brand loyalty. The agency also needed to determine how to market Bliss’s new product campaigns to a Gen Z and millennial audience of internet natives through social media, digital experiences and partnerships.

The Solution

To ensure that Bliss would resonate well with a younger, digitally attuned audience, we formed a team of researchers, strategists and creatives. We would conduct research via social listening and native searches to closely follow trends and conversations concerning the skincare industry, Bliss’s competitors and Bliss itself. Additionally, we would stay updated on social media influencers who impact Bliss’s target audience.

The Final Result

After extensive research and analysis, our team provided Bliss with a refined TikTok and Instagram campaign; recommendations for upcoming brand repositioning; and strategy, insights and campaign ideas for the launch of a new body acne spray. We used Talkwalker, Dash Hudson and Tribe as social listening tools to audit Bliss’s and its competitors’ social media pages. Overall, our research yielded insight into Bliss’s brand perception among its target audience and steps it can take to encourage brand advocacy.