The Agency at UF

The Bartram

Gainesville luxury apartment complex, The Bartram, used our team’s help to distinguish its brand against a saturated market.

The Problem

The Bartram struggled to stand out in a college town as a luxury apartment complex, as there seems to be one on every corner of Gainesville. Without a consistent brand identity, The Bartram struggled to create meaningful interactions with its target audiences on social media and beyond.

The Solution

To gain a holistic perspective of how to expand The Bartram beyond the normal confines of an apartment complex, we formed a diverse, rotating team of researchers,media specialists, creatives and project managers. We would draw on our research of the apartment industry and young professionals interested in apartment living to determine the best ways for The Bartram to connect with all relevant audiences.

The Final Result

Our team was able to connect with The Bartram’s audience by creating partnerships with local businesses, highlighting amenities through up-scale production shoots and reinforcing a sense of community through resident and staff highlights on social media. The client’s Instagram and Facebook saw increases in reach, impressions and follower count. In the end, through production, storytelling and community involvement, we revitalized the apartment complex’s image as a place to gain positive lifestyles and inspiration.