The Agency at UF

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What begins as a group of UF students with varied personalities meshes into tight-knit coworkers who understand the Gen Z consumer perspective as well as they do each other. We reimagine communications with the freshest eyes to help some of the largest clients remain giants in today’s era. Our hungry minds run nonstop: compiling, analyzing, planning and creating. Yet this team whirring with innovation wouldn’t be possible without the raw passion and sweet creative flow of students who bond to become colleagues, teammates and friends.

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What we offer?

In a constant search for unique solutions, our students inhabit different roles to fulfill specific requests from clients. We are the highly coveted middle ground between entry- and senior-level communications talent. Our diverse perspectives and skills lead to significant breakthroughs for our clients, sometimes in structured teams (agency-style) and other times as direct student partners to preexisting in-house teams (externships).